Friday, March 4, 2011

The constant buzzing...

Hey guys, its been a while...
Its 2011!!! And my family has been one of the hundreds of families affected by the floods so I have had my hands full. In any case, Chaotic has barely left my mind. it's like it used the powers of danian infection!! Speaking of infection - here's a fairly useful combination when it comes to Danian infection.

Ahh yes... you cards we all know by heart... One of them being completely staple in our various danian decks and the other is basically just lying on the floor everywhere. Makrabon has the unique exclusive ability of infecting a creature when he gets a counter. Strain of Infection covers that nicely... Makrabon grabs 3 counters and infects 3 free creatures back... Overall? You lost nothing... Doesn't that just help with Illexia? And other infected abilities...
I hope this combination can help you in your various danian decks!


  1. welcome back!!! i thought you might be affected by the floods, hope all is ok.
    great combo, ive been looking for a good combo to begin a danian army (my 1st one) with strain, looks like this is it!

  2. Hahaha thx man... You never guess this but Aa'une
    Survived the floods

  3. Amazing someone actually posted on their blog! This is a really nice combo for getting free MC's nice!