Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sample Deck 1: Desert-Strikers

This deck is purely created for the purpose of proving the Mipedian's sneaky, sly and tricky tactics against their various opponents. I do not recommend slotting this deck into an army for competitive play of any kind without first upgrading this army - Which I probably will do in the near-future.

With all that technical wish-wash up there... I present to you a deck I made in 20 minutes proving the effectiveness of tricky tactics - Desert-Strikers
Deck List
1. Xelfe - Stone-Mail
2. Iflar, The Crown Prince - Aerodrone
3. Zhade, Digsite Defender - Aegis Wings of Attraction
4. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Bronzeflight
5. Dakkamal, Melee Trainer - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Ubliqun - Sandstorm Shroud

2x Aftermath Feint
2x Airsault
2x Atmosphere
2x Gear Grind
2x Funnel Blast
2x Marksmen Preparation
1x Primal Smash
2x Poison Sphere
2x Vacuum Hemisphere
1x Turbulence Funnel
2x TimeSlow

1x Armament Adagio
1x Mugic that gives Air, There's Loads,,, so your choice - Howl of the Wind is mine.
2x Gear Glissando
1x Song of Translocation
1x Trills of Dimunition

2x Pouril Forest
2x Crystal Cave
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedian Oasis
1x Prexxor Chasm, The Blight
1x Vidav Refectorium

Now If I wanted to go for my typical Mipedian Strike decks, I would have. But just wanted to show-off how easy it is to make a simple Mipedian deck involving what their made to do. Tricky Stuff. So... Obviously, I highlighted Ubliqun, a highly unused Dawn of Perim Rare Card with one of the most unique ability in the game. He can move into ANY and yes I mean ANY space on the board. Yes, it can be stopped by defender which in most decks is provided by a Bronzeflight which in that case all we have to do if a simple Gear Glissando and start taking their decks back from their support. We can also cast Gear Glissando to flip Ubliqun's gear up to get Air and not be burnt. So many movement tactics just from this one card. Now Zhade's battlegear needs to be flipped up. It's an Aegal Wings of Attraction and makes the opponent attack Zhade if they can. This is just letting us put Xelfe up front if we ever wanted to. Dakkamal is there just for the strike reasons, Ubliqun gets strike, Zhade gets strike, cast some fanciful mugic.
I don't really have to get into the real strategy behind the deck as just by looking at the creatures and battlegear it's fairly standardized.
Attacks shall remain undiscussed and also just to mention Iflar's Aerodrone cycles through the attack deck quickly allowing you to get Marksman Preperation up and have total control of your attack deck for your first strike. Before the Storm is a possible option which I'm not putting in but suggesting you do if you ever improve this.
Mugics is where the tactics come in. Armament Adagio is simply THE single most annoying mugic in the game. It changes two gears of your choice as long as it is the same player. Try swapping Xerium Armor from a front warrior to a Bronzeflight from a mid-rank character. Try swapping shards with a battlegear from a fluidmorpher. Try swapping Zhade's Aegal Wings of Attraction for a StoneMail when worse comes to worse. The combinations go on and on... This common mugic if used correctly can be waay more punishing than a rare melody of mirage. Gear Glissando allows you to flip up OR down a gear, fantastic flexible common mugic. With Ubliqun and Xelfe in your army, your opponent is probably going to be a bit isolated with you bouncing here and there which is where song of translocation comes in handy to make use of those spare spaces. Simply bounce any one of your Mipedians into that spare slot and start a war from there. Also keep in mind that Iflar is non-bounceable.
Trills of Dimunition. Period. This is another truly disastrous card. What is Chaor, The Fierce without his Fire 10, What is a Mipedian without Invisibility. What is this without that. A question heavily asked. This mugic is definately a very strong mugic to have in your hand.
Erm locations are pretty standard, stop defender, charge in with Ubliqun and Zhade, etc, etc. Prexxor Chasm, Blight for easy kills, you've got Mipedim Mirage, blah blah all that useful jab. So this is a position attacking deck. Not bad for 20 minutes but... yea... can be improved massive like take out Iflar for a Mipedian like Khenti that can be bounced. So... don't forget these tricky tactics alongside your classic strike decks. Here's one last tip (Ubliqun + Dakkamal/Mudeenu, COTG + Owayki = DOMINATION)


  1. I swear from what I have from this deck I will use and Improvise/Improve with the cards I dont. Thanks:) From :Dethdude327

  2. Melody of Mirage should have been a much rarer card. And holy light this deck is tricky. Excuse me i have to go work on mine now it looks inadequate.