Monday, June 27, 2011

Look it's Arctus! Hear me Roar!

Alrite guys, this is probably one of the last articles I'm going to do based on cards that can't be played online as of the time of post... BUT... I also want to do some Fire and Stone Cards... But generally those are pretty straightforward so... Let's move into Arctus, Heptadd's Squire
You guys probably remember me already touching on Arctus briefly in a couple of articles ago... But I'm going to look at Arctus again simply because he is fantastic. First-off, a couple of things you have to note.

  1. Arctus' ability - Though its similar to Ebkeex, The Clockwork Minion - it is actually more complex. Arctus only gains elemetns which adjacent creatures have meaning that you wanna play this guys when he's with friends.
  2. His Statistics - His Stats and energy are just mind-blowing... They're waay better than Gimwei or almost any elementalist in fact... He's much better than Heptadd in any way... So... they should remake the best creature ever - Heptadd.
So... Arctus fits nicely in a 3v3 apprentice match where no mugic can annoy Arctus and he'll always be close to allies. Arctus is also very flexible and if you ever want an elementalist deck, you can simply stick Arctus in first and actually build the deck around Arctus. Another thing about Arctus is that you shouldn't neglect the amazing statistics that he possesses. His high courage is a benefit to any player allowing them to use strong earth attacks such as Enlightened Tenacity and his wisdom let's him pull off attacks like Telekinetic Bolt. Hmm... High Courage, Wisdom, potential of any elements... Wow... he goes well with Maxxor (Any), Tartarek Psi Overloader, Intress Natureforce, Heptadd (Obviously)... Almost any and every deck can implement Arctus to a great degree... Need a deck with extra counters? No worries put in an IKKATOSH and Arctus gets counters. Arctus dying? No problem, the Overworld are famous for healing mugic. It is simply no wonder why Arctus is a Super-Rare Elementalist Wonder that is going to cause even the greatest players to put in Numid Voidlands to avoid problems with this furry monster of energy. We also haven't considered the fact he isn't Unique which allows 2 Arctuses in deck. 1 Arctus is scary enough and I recommend that 1 Arctus is good enough. However, if you feel aggressive, 2 Arctus' may be what you need in your elementalist deck.

Let's consider now if Arctus is not in an Overworld deck as he isn't loyal. Any ideas? The first one I think of is an Underworld - Magmon, Engulfed x2 for Fire 10! I would probably have to give him a Khy-bon Mechblade though for the 40 Power boost but that's pretty much it...
 Danians can make use of his amazing courage and his formidable ability to gain Earth Element. Giving him the Mandiblor's Crown allows him to reap the benefits of Makanaz in your discard piles making Arctus and insane monster.
The Mipedians grant Arctus Air element and possible Range and Swift with Xelfe. And the last thing your opponent wants is an Arctus with Range and Swift. Put in a Prince Mudeenu Champion of the Guard, Owayki and General's Standard and there's a nightmare in your opponent's sight.
As you can see... Arctus is a scary scary useable creature for all the clans in perim (except M'arrilian who should go back hiding behind the doors) and is a fantastic addition to the Overworld Arsenal.


  1. This was an epic post.Arctus is very cool and I know fire and stone Probably won't/won't come out , but If it does this will be a card that I want. Alot!From: Dethdude327

  2. hey thanks for doing this arctus is awsome do you think he will ever come out? Canuckkid

  3. by the way how did you get the card for the picture? Canuckkid

  4. Arctus technically has already came out. A couple Arctus' flooded eBay a few month ago and is truly an epic card. Collectors collected what seemed to be the "last released" card in Chaotic.
    The picture of this card was obtained by a member on the chaotic forums who had a copy of Arctus.

  5. aww seriously your telling me I could have gotten one aww man that would have been sooooooooo cool! :( but thanks for doing the review it was awsome :) Canuckkid11

  6. Really cool, Thanks Malcom9 From: Dethdude327

  7. I like how his ability is reminiscent of the old Overworld support ability. Great article as well.