Saturday, August 20, 2011

March of the Tribes - Stabilizers!

Welcome to the latest installment of the March of the Tribes series presented by Chaotic: Down Under. Last time, the Danian's unique ability and a standard danian was shown and today we focus on their mugic, abilities and other "kooky", buggy facts...
The Underworlders have their infamous Canon of Casualty, the Mipedians has their even more infamous Melody of Mirage... And Danian's trademark mugic? Song of Symmetry. This mugic is the perfect example of the way Danians play. With Balance. While the Underworld bombards their enemies with relentless attacks and the Overworld constantly healing their attacks, Danians come in between them and offers probably the smartest solution... to have both! To be honest, I like Song of Symmetry better than both Canon of Casualty and Song of Resurgence but then again, it's just me...
Yes, that's my online Lore's stats and I love him to bits xD, Anyways, not just mugic shows that the Danians are all about stability, the creatures also present the danian's love for balance. Lore, Ancestral Caller - Heal 5 and deal 5, Makanaz, if he dies, you gain 15 energy, Illexia, if one of your Mandiblor dies, she gains a counter. BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE. Their so stable that it's hard to pinpoint a direct weakness! Underworlders focus on attacking and defensive/healing capabilities are weak and the Overworld doesn't pack much of a punch until the battle is kinda finishing.
Guess another thing Danians love doing and do better than any other tribe... That's right, strengthening and supporting their own troops. Like insects, they rapidly grow in strength based on their numbers. Dubin gains energy for an infected Creature, Aureban gains energy for more infected Creatures and Nimmei... Period... Good Ol' Nimmei becomes pretty sick if your opponent has an army full of infected Creatures... The Danians are simply the BEST and I mean better-than-Overworld best at supporting each other!

So... to sum up everything, The Danians builds up and strengthens their numbers and with it themselves and plays a nice solid Balanced play. The most stable tribe to play out of all the tribes in Perim.
Next Time...
Danian Feature Deck 1#: Defenders of the Queen

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  1. Great new segment of march of the tribes! I actually don't hate danians any more!From:Dethdude327