Monday, April 11, 2011

Jus' For Fun...

Jus for fun, I decided to post a Chaotic Deck in similar style to a Pokemon Theme Deck so... Enjoy!

Lava Furnace
Burning beneath the Overworld, the Underworld Army begins planning their swift invasion, With Zamool covering the Underworld Army from mugic and abilities, Chaor The Fierce rushes in, with no fear of losing his elements wielding Fire 15 capable of burning his opponents so badly that not even jumping into the Riverlands can save them. Need a boost? Don’t worry, the Ulmars got ya covered with 20 free damage every round and Drakness boosting the powers of already destructive Mugic. Can your opponent’s stand the Lava Furnace?





1. Magmon, Engulfed – Whepcrack

2. Zamool, Lord Van Bloot’s Enforcer – Aegal Wings of Attraction

3. Chaor, The Fierce – Scarab of Khilai

4. Ulmar, Perithon Racer – Heptadd’s Crown

5. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

6. Drakness– Mipedian Balladeer’s Flute


2x Canon of Casualty

1x Discord of Flame

1x Song of Fury

1x Improvisational Melody

1x Gear Glissando

Mugic Cost Count: 5{} ---------- Total Creatures Mugic Counters: 5{}



2x Consuming Flame

2x Force Strikes

2x Consuming Carnage

2x Gladiator's Fire

2x Fireram

2x Incinerase

2x Flying Advantage

2x Ash Torrent

2x Might Swing

1x Primordial Rage

1x Primal Smash


2x Mipedim Mirage

2x Underworld City

2x Underworld Colloseum

2x Stone Pillar

2x Vidav Reflectorium


  1. oh this looks really solid and painful! Some thoughts occur to me when i look at this: I'm totally looking for that Scarab of Khilai. I can't believe i ever regarded Zamool as less then cool

    Only one bad thing
    Vidavs reflectorium? I know it helps you but iv'e played against people who use it and it's always helped me a lot more

    other then that it all looks pretty hard to take down.

  2. Vidav Reflectorium doesn't particularly help anyone as both players get the same ability. It fully depends on Luck and your hand... So you can't really be that biased towards it

  3. No not that much but it was the only little flaw i could see.

  4. love it!!! ive made a burn deck myself but have yet to try it out, got no time to play!!! this looks lethal, nothing else to add!!!

  5. Maybe during the easter holidays... we can have a match eye?

  6. i'll try to but its kinda hectic around here with my 3 month old boy :D im usually on monday and thursday, friday nights but ill try and give you a heads up when im on. got 2 unused 6v6 masters deck to try out :) almost finished my 3rd (aa'une)
    ps. sucks i cant post comments on here from my iphone

  7. First off congratulations on your son man!
    Maybe for iphone try posting on the forums - cause I check that too...Andyea sure///

  8. hey dude i should be on tomorrow night (thursday) if you want to play a few games about 8.30. look for me in beta drome i'll just be hanging out there. desperate for 6v6 masters matches! no one plays them (or they fear me lol)

  9. oh yeah and that deck i was telling you about is up in chaotic forums under 'awesomes workshop; 6v6 past deck etc etc etc' starts off with my app version then further down is my ultimate masters version