Friday, July 8, 2011

Sample Deck 2: Earth-Shatterers!

Welcome yet again, to the Chaotic Down Under Blog. We are continuing our Tribe reviews by continuing the second of the three Mipedian Sample Decks. So... here I present the deck - Earth-Shatterers - Full Force ahead, no thought of their own self. Why? 'Cause they can shatter the EARTH itself!! That's why!



1. Gintanai, The Forgotten - Double-Edge
2. Blazvatan, Epic Warbeast - Double-Edge
3. Kileron, Warbeast of the DustStorm - Warbeast Power Leash
4. Headmaster Ankhyja, SotA - Bronzeflight
5. Ranun - Ravita Flower
6. Savell - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

1x Gear Glissando
1x Melody of Mirage
1x Armament Adagio
1x Trills of Dimunition
2x Cadence Clash

2x Turbulence Funnel (6/2)
2x Airsault (8/4)
2x Aftermath Feint (8/6)
2x Airize (8/8)
2x Whirling Wail (14/10)
2x Radical Iceballs (16/12)
1x Primal Smash (17/13)
1x Gear Grind (18/14)
2x Earth Pulse (20/16)
2x Velocitrap (20/18)
2x Hurlicane (20/20)

2x Storm Tunnel
2x Crystal Cave
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedian Oasis
2x Sands of the Unseen

Here's another 15 minutes deck, Earth-Shatterers. Simply made to present to you the utter destructive power of the Warbeasts. Our front-line creatures would frighten and intimidate even the strongest players. Blazvatan, The Epic Warbeast (As he is known), Kileron, Warbeast of the Duststorm and Gintanai, The Forgotten. All with Air 5, Earth 5 for maximum elemental damage (Gintanai has Air 10, Earth 10) and is a simple beautiful representation of their destructive power. Let's go through each other individually, Gintanai. I have went through the forgotten warbeast countless times. In this deck, you've got sacrificing Ranun, you could sacrifice Headmaster Ankhyja or even sacrifice Kileron if not against a compost deck. But like all sacrificing things. It comes with the situation you are faced with. Aside the sacrificial ability, his Air 10, Earth 10 is simply devastating. Not forgetting a 50 damage whirling wail + opponent's not able to play mugic cards. Now moving on to Blazvatan, The Epic Warbeast. He is truly an epic warbeast, with a maximum energy of 70 combined with healing capabilities of Ranun, Air 5, Earth 5. The epic Warbeast's statistics is also amazingly high... Maxxor's courage pales in comparism. Now, shall we continue on to Kileron, Warbeast of the Duststorm. His conjured duststorm prevents composts decks from making any use, definately a useful asset. His Earth 5, Air 5 is no simple deed either. So... Ranun now, he's your healer, Headmaster Ankhyja protects your Warbeast and Conjurors from mugic and Savell just stops every single bit of recklessness from all 3 of your front-line warriors. Our mugic choices as you see, is very VERY erm... wide... I chose a wide variety to fit in as many situations as possible whilst retaining some of the tricky mugic the Mipedians are simply famous for. So... I hope you see the destructive raw power of the Warbeasts, Insane Damage and their protection is from but a single conjuror.


  1. I would write awsome about fifty times but that would be very long and boring. SO just once.......
    AWSOME!!!ALthough this deck is almost completely imposible due to the three front liners being ultra rare but I have savell, so thats a start! By the way, Itried to improove your othe sample deck and I ended up with a ten on ten including 2 warbeasts, headmaster sotA and zhade dsd with invisibility stike 70 AND invisibility surprise!
    soryy for such a long comment:)From :Dethdude327

  2. Thx man, really wait to see yours =D

  3. To-good-awsomeness-too-much-must-find-weakness :p. Well you have the savel gets hit with dirge of the deep covered by cadence clash that won't help against Open doors but i guess you could use Melody to negate his ability. but that's not that much of a hole I'm just reaching here great deck!

  4. actually, Savell cant get hit by any mugic as he has air and we got a Headmaster Ankhyja SOTA, for open doors we could always sub in a Notes of Neverwhere

  5. I really like your deck. I won several local tournaments with a warbeast deck and I used Khorror. I know that he seems to have a pretty large downside, however if played right with a couple of Conjurors, a Trills or two, and some Harnessed Rages; he fits very nicely as the centerpiece in this kind of deck. Everyone is afraid of him, so no one attacks him, diverting to Blazvatan or I like Ninren for the Range and more energy than Ere. Than just hold onto any Harnessed Rages alongside a Vial of Liquid Thought, and attack with Khorror for an alomst instant kill. Other players avoid him like the plague, so if you are high in elemental attacks, old Blaz, or whoever else will easily take the brunt. Enre-hep, HMotD also works well to play extra Trills. So combined, you can have four battle with the big guy with no recklessness.
    - Blitz

  6. Yep! For sure, I already made this deck "budget" without Enre-Hep but yes hahaha


  8. You could use Cyclone Slam if you wish. I prefer Turbulence Funnel. That way Headmaster Ankhyja when defending can utilize a 3 Build Point attack better.