Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Changes do Chaotic would you make?

 Chaotic hasn't been generating any new cards for several years now (Are you surprised by that?), so playing with the same ruleset can be slightly boring.

 It is because of this that some have been playing with additional rules such as "Build Restrictions" such as only using Commons/Uncommons in their deck and so on and so forth.

 Here's my main discussion point though -

What changes would you make to the Game Rules itself to make things interesting?

 Obviously we cannot simply play it with an "Over-powered" rule like allowing 50 build points worth of attacks in a 20 card deck.

 Here are some ways I've been testing with...
  • The Current Location is determined by which space is being attacked.

    This is somewhat of a weird rule but let me explain. Chaotic's game-board is built with each player having their side of the battlefield (or board). Instead of flipping the Location Card for the Attacking player's turn, we flip the location card based on which side of the board the battle takes place in.
    Consequently, this makes it slightly more difficult for the Attacking Player to win a bout (assumedly) but it does make sense when you think about defending player having the home-field advantage from players. Locations aren't necessarily the "make-it or break-it" things in battles (usually) so I think it can be an interesting take. (And make you relook at your location deck)
  • Top-deck Mode

    This is more of a deck-testing tool than an actual change to the rules. Essentially, you remove the concept of Attack Hands and play solely using the top card of your attack deck. This essentially tests your attack deck overall as you can't strategize usage of your attacks (saving some attacks, using your Magma Mights on 5 energy creatures etc). It's a very random and can sometimes help you see flaws with the deck.
  • End of the Line Win (6v6 and up)

    This is an alternative win condition, suppose an enemy attacks and lands on the very end of your side of the board. Add a "Hold" Counter on that creature, if at the end of your turn, the creature with the "Hold" Counter is still there... you would lose the match.

    "WHAT?!?", I hear you exclaim.

    That's fine, allow me to explain... When you think about it, your side of the battlefield is your "territory". If somebody can infiltrate (or fight their way) into your territory and hold it. You essentially are surrounded and fighting between a rock and a hard place. Some Creatures will do this better than others (Xelfe combination, Ere, etc), but it'll promote different deck building strategy. It may make it so MAYBE your Muges shouldn't be too far back. MAYBE you'll need more Defenders... We'll definitely see.
 So have any of you played with any weird rules to the game? Curious to see if there are any. :)

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