Thursday, January 26, 2017

Coding the Dromes Part II

Hi there!

It's been awhile hasn't it? University (and other Games) has kept me swept away and totally busy. But now with a bit of spare time, I decided to proceed on with an older Project involving Coding the Battledromes.

So what are the progress? Well I decided to start over and use Unreal Engine this time... So there essentially hasn't been any much "progression" if you will since last time.

But of course! If you're still reading this, you'll probably want to see what's been done. I will just briefly go over each thing done.

So we begin with a relatively simple board - Two of my favorite "Dawn of Perim" units are the chosen fighters (rather than the random Velreth and Toxis).

Combat has not been inputted yet... However, the setup for an apprentice battle is more or less setup by the end of the day. With the following features being implemented during the Start-Up (I'll add more as I remember them)
  • The Starting Player is Randomized
  • Location Decks and Attack Decks are shuffled 
  • The Starting Player's Top Card of their Location Deck is flipped Up
  • 2 Attack Cards are drawn for both players.

I know it isn't much (especially compared to how much I did in a day for Unity), but I did try for a cleaner code and spent most of my time bug squashing (ensuring little to 0 problems). And it's also more "exciting" for me to look at - compared to the plain blue background and 2 pictures.

Finally (although not totally relevant and very ugly due to my lack of experience in "art"), A scroller based on the cartoon/anime. This was more of a side-track thing. If I did want to pursue it, I'd probably actually get a friend of mine to help make me a spinner :p

That's all for now. 

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