Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Coding the Dromes Part III

 Welcome to Coding the Dromes Part III,

 It isn't the most popular thing to be writing about granted, but I do like to keep tabs on my own progress.

 We begin as we ended yesterday -- The board setup with a Location, the Attack Card Hand, a shuffled deck and Creatures setup.

Time to add the simplest of combat systems - The Player who begins first can now select their Creature and then attack a Defending Creature. If the Dromes do end up getting upgraded to a 3v3 format, movement will be added to this "Action Phase". 

Once a battle is started, the Location's Initiatives are activated and it checks which player should go first (Which usually means Lord Van Bloot due to his stats).

Aand now for the most simple of Combat Systems. (And yes, I did "buff" Tangath's Energy so I could play-test the drome). But here, we return to the State of our First Coding the Dromes. 

The super simple AI picks his attacks at random which arguably does quite a bit of damage to Tangath (due to his poor stats). The Attack Cards damage are all automatically calculated and the drawing of cards is automatic. (Both Sides Energy does Drop).

There are of course - a few bugs ever present (and that I'm aware of)
  • Energy "Bars" not functioning as intended
  • While Challenge, Checks and Elemental Damage do work - External effects like Vine Snare's Earth: Reduce the Opposing Creature's Speed by 25 does not presently work
The Drome is still far away from opening, but it's definitely taking shape.

That's all for now!


  1. My friends and I all just found this and will be watching closely!!! We’re very excited to try it when its ready!