Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hi guys,

Know how I typed (Probably) at the end of that last post? Yea... it just didn't work out... So here I am, at 2.40AM in the morning... where this card crept into my mind and just won't leave...

So which card is it?

THAT ONE!!!! The first Silent Sands Ultra Rare I ever pulled.
I don't know if it's because I entered a deck-building competition (with some unusual rules) or just because I was thinking of creatures for a new deck.... But again, another underused card has entered the table.
So with 50 energy average, Enre-Hep isn't the most vulnerable muge to burn mugic. Neither does he have the most counters to cast mugic with - especially in a tribe already short on mugic counters.

So... Now on to the more interesting parts of this Ultra - how he gains 1 {} per 1 {} on Mipedians that hit your discard pile. This is once again - a simple example of the trickier Mipedian tactics. So he's a very sustainable card - ensuring no {} are ever wasted. This allows you to juggle counters to a safer muge, allows the usage of crazier tactics like sacrificing a Conjuror with Ravita Flower to provide Counters for Enre-Hep's benefit. Nourishing Nocturne sacrificing Minions to ensure a won battle, can provide counters to Enre-Hep.
All these crazy tactics will/and can ensure that Enre-Hep is the only muge you need.

His second one, is another one of those "more unique" abilities - Target Creature GAINS recklessness 5. So... basically you could give this to a Warbeast and let him Slashclaw/Harnessed Rage for extra damage. You could stack this onto the enemy creature and make him hurt himself a lot more than he hurts you. It seems very insignificant but it hides a darker threat. With 3 Counters on Enre-Hep, Recklessness 15 can be applied to your opponent, pair this with invisibility strikers with Invis 10 onwards, and that's a guaranteed 25 damage on them - counting the attack damage you will deal + the fact he MAY have to use 2 attacks to finish you. This ability can become very scary, very quickly. Combine this with the first ability and you can swiftly see that this card is truly deserving to become the future High Muge of the Mipedians.

With a mindset to help sustain the Mipedian's mugical side and having the ability to both torture your enemies and strengthen your beasts - Enre-Hep is one of the few Mipedian muges that aren't commonly played - but still needs your attention when seen in battle.

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