Monday, October 28, 2013

The Final Post (Probably)

 As you all are probably aware, Chaotic TCG has finally bit the dust (with some random re-direction to blame some CEOs lol). Everyone has pretty much seen it coming (by this point) and hoped this day would never come - but it has.
Yes, KODO studios has apparently picked up the game - but their more interested in endorsing Angry Birds Merchandise (like half the world's companies) and some random zombie game :S.
Since Everyone pretty much already moved on from the game we call Chaotic. I just like to thank all that read this blog at any point. Obviously when this started, it was more for me to record my ideas etc.
But yea, I gained some friends doin' this - and it was cool. Wish the game could've lasted longer. But things happen - mainly 4Kids.

I wish you all the best! Remember the game; enjoy life and yeaa...



  1. I'll always be around terrac1 :p hence the word probably xD

  2. I've been playing Chaotic since grade 4. I am in gr.8 and I LOVE the game. I will NEVER get bored of it as I still play it and it is my life!