Monday, March 31, 2014

Dread and Despair

Hey Guys,

Every month (as long as some interest remains) I will post up a post here to work hand-in-hand with the decks posted on "TradeCardsOnline" site.

This month's deck is... "Dread and Despair"

The Link to the Deck:


1. Agitos, Eloquent Motivator - Gigantroper
2. Zamool, Lord Van Bloot's Enforcer - Sun Chariot of Kehn-sep
3. Chaor (Dawn of Perim) - Whepcrack
4. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

2x Canon of Casualty
2x Consuming Cacophony
1x Improvisational Melody
1x Roar of the Mob

*The attacks and locations may depend on personal preference and playstyle - A Power Stat deck is a strong variant however in the decklist above I went with a bit of Fire elemental attacks for a tad variation

 This is MY version of the classic Zamool Burn deck that almost every Underworld Player has a variant of. It's definately an all-in type of deck that abuses Zamool's ability to prevent the opponent from even attempting to stop it.
For those unfamiliar with the concept, Zamool must ALWAYS be involved in the First Battle, whether by Agitos, Eloquent Motivator's ability (Opponent's first) or simply attacking with Zamool. This locks the opponent from using mugic or activated abilities. This simply means you can cast any mugic you wish without fear of them denying the mugic.
As soon as Zamool is engaged, we can begin to distribute the damage in any way you see fit. In total, the MAXIMUM damage that can be done...
20 (From expending both Ulmar, PR's Fire)
40 (Consuming Cacophone 30 + 10 from Kopond's ability)
30 (Canon of Casualty 20 + 10 from Kopond's ability)
20 (Canon of Casualty)
30 (Consuming Cacophony)
140 damage excluding Improvisational Melody (Possible 20 damage from Kopond Cast) and Roar of the Mob

The 140 Damage should be plethora enough to wipe out at least a front-line creature (or two) or wipe a ton of the backline. Adding the fact that you've engaged a particular creature beforehand that you may not have used your burn mugic on, you could potentially wipe half the board with a single blow.

To talk a bit about Improvisational Melody - It's a mugic that could potentially cost 0 Mugic Counters (Should you have dealt 20 or more damage beforehand) that does 10 damage or 20 damage if cast by Kopond, HMotH - Thus I did not count it in the "Base Burn Damage"

Roar of the Mob is also a variable mugic dealing 10 damage per Counter on the Creature. Thus you would usually only want to cast this on a caster possibly a Najarin Fluidmorpher's Foe or a Karraba for instance. Again this number is variable and could change should you choose to cast it with Kopond.


No, this deck isn't perfect - It's far from it.
In fact, this deck is all about that single moment where you burst everything down and bring their morale swooping down into a crash.
Before Zamool gets to attack, be warned they may burn your own creatures down! (If they're Underworlders' anyways)
This is a "All-In" deck, meaning there isn't much room for variation compared to other decks (in terms of playstyle). There's no defensive mechanisms like Bronzeflights or Weightless Energy Vessels.

However, this "All-In" playstyle is what I've come to love about *some* of the Underworlders, and I love the idea of a "Sink-or-Swim" method deck.

Hope you enjoyed! - Perhaps Give the deck a whirl

That's my deck! ;)



  1. I am the Original Creator of this Deck, it got me 1st place in the Crellan Drome and my invite to Worlds. Where I got 2 Droskins!!! Please bring this game back some1, also i want all my card data from the original website if possible :D