Monday, October 12, 2015

9 Years Anniversary of Chaotic: Card Creation I

 Hello once again... and Wow! Has it really already been 9 Years?

 It's difficult to come up with a great special way to celebrate the 9 Years... So... to try and come up with something - I'll be bringing up some Chaotic Art you may/may not know about (1 per post) and perhaps some... fun Abilities/Stat.

Perhaps making these into cards and "proxy-ing" them may lead to some fun results hahaha!!

Without further ado!!

Mipedian Caretaker

Courage: 45
Power: 45
Wisdom: 75
Speed: 65
Energy: 30

Mugic Counters: 1
Elements: Earth

Expend Earth: You may return a Battlegear from your discard pile and equip it to a non-equipped Mipedian you control.

Unique - Loyal

 I think this is a fairly interesting concept idea to try out... The idea of constantly returning a Battlegear like Vial of Liquid Shroud or Nexus Fuse would make this guy a constant threat on the board. This is especially true in things such as Mipedians that rely on their Invisibility to make a devastating first strike...

His low energy is rather this Caretaker's downfall as you should find it fairly easily to burn through this guy. Even engaging him through regular Range/Swift tactics would be able to crush him easily.

Nonetheless, you should always be cautious of this little Caretaker... as a Battlegear returning constantly can mean devastating implications if not dealt with straight away!

What do you guys think of Ahnem? Too OP? Interesting? Let us Know!

Credit: Art by JayAxer.

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